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The Most Beautiful Coat Trends 2019

Coats that keep us warm

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In autumn and winter, our jackets are not just about making us look good, but also keeping us warm. Coats are the perfect combination of these two wishes. Moreover, they are timeless and never go out of fashion. So it pays to invest in the classics of Coat Trends 2019.

A beautiful coat complements any outfit. Despite the timeless elegance that gives us this classic of winter, the coat reinvents itself every season and can be worn from season to season.

Coat Trend 2019: checked pattern

Although the typical trench coat has usually the plaid pattern in the fall, the plaid pattern is also excellent on thicker winter coats. The classic coat can therefore be worn in other colors and patterns than the simple black and cream, although we love the clean version very much. The coats are available this season in any check pattern, no matter if houndstooth, vichy or tartan pattern. The patterns on the coat appear in muted colors, such as beige, gray, brown or black, calm and dignified. If you choose stronger colors like red, pink, yellow or green, the look looks more raw. In combination with boots creates a cool 90’s grunge look. Tip: Choose a clean cut, so that nothing distracts from the pattern.

1.EDITED Wollmantel mit Pepita-Dessin – Schwarz// 2.Pepe Jeans Mantel mit Glencheck – Schwarz// 3.Essentiel Mantel mit Glencheck – Hellbraun// 4.Hugo Marenas – Wollmantel mit Karomuster – Beige

Coat Trend 2019: Fake Fur

Fake Fur is the best alternative to real fur. So in 2019, there is no reason to resort to Real Fur if there is Fake Fur that looks much better. The transitional jackets made of synthetic synthetic fibers are available this season in all patterns and colors. That screams for coolness when wearing.

1.Hugo Fabea-1 – Jacke aus Fake Fur – Schwarz//2.Pm Mantel aus Webpelz – Silber// 3.REVIEW Jacke aus Webpelz – Anthrazit// 4.Fuchs Schmitt Jacke aus Webpelz mit Kapuze – Schwarz

Coat Trend 2019: Teddy Look

Hand in hand with Fake Fur this year is the trend of teddy coats and jackets. At the top is comfort and the right cuddling factor. Especially popular is the teddy-fur in classic brown, cream or white.

1.Weekend Max Mara Mantel aus Teddyfell – Mittelbraun// 2.Hugo Marenas-1 – Mantel aus Teddyfell – Camel// 3.Only Mantel aus Teddyfell – Offwhite//

Coat Trend 2019: XXL down jackets

Don’t we all want to look like little Michelin-men in the winter, packed in thick, cuddly and warm? Then down jackets are exactly the right coat trend 2019 for you. For a knee-length down jacket, freezing is not an option. The down jackets in black, blue or olive are always very casual and never forced. The jacket you throw yourself just once, if you only walk to the supermarket. A high on the casual look in winter.

1. Calvin Klein Womenswear Daunenmantel mit abnehmbarer Kapuze – Khaki // 2.Tommy Hilfiger Daunenmantel mit Kapuze – Schwarz // 3.Esprit Collection Daunenmantel mit Reißverschlussblende – Schwarz // 4.Tommy Hilfiger  Daunenmantel in Lackoptik – Dunkelblau

Coat Trend 2019: Animal Print

To translate it to the autumn / winter and animal print quote from “The Devil Wears Prada”: “Florals ? In spring? Groundbreaking! “And that’s exactly how it is with animal print in autumn and winter. Every year, this trend comes around. There are no limits to the patterns. From snakes to leopards to zebra – everything is represented. In this trend, focus on simple colors, otherwise it will quickly become too much and may look cheap. High-quality materials definitely make a difference in the look here. Tip: One or two-breasted coats give the animal print the classic look.

1.Tom Tailor Denim Mantel mit Woll-Anteil – Camel// 2.Christian Berg Woman Selection Wollmantel mit Leopardenmuster – Camel// 3.Beaumont Amsterdam Mantel aus Webpelz mit Leopardenmuster – Sand

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