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Tips for booking a vacation

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Everyone likes to go on vacation. That is out of the question. But it can take a while to get to the day of departure, and one or two complications can occur before hand. Frequently, questions arise as to when is the best day of the week to book a holiday or in what month is vacation most affordable. This guide is not about these questions, but rather tips for booking a vacation right away. With these travel tips, you’ll find your perfect trip. Tips to book affordable holidays are also there of course.

Six tips on booking a vacation

  1. Do not set on one place
    That borders you and your selection too much. Choose a region that suits you or even just select the country you want to visit. So you have much more opportunity to discover real bargains and highlights.  
  2. Do not rely only on the internet
    Go to the travel agency and get advice. Often, package holidays are much cheaper there. The same applies to the so-called “last minute” offers at airports. Do not be fooled by the name – it does not have to be last minute.  
  3. Various travel portals help
    Search through various travel portals to get a better overview of the price situation. So you can watch over days if prices change.  
  4. Check out alternatives
    Even if you are a hotel lover, do not be afraid to examine alternatives. AirBnB is a great alternative to traditional hotel stays, especially for city trips.  
  5. Sign up to newsletters and messenger services
    To check out bargains, sign up for newsletters and / or WhatsApp messengers. WhatsApp offers a good service, for example, urlaubsguru.  
  6. Note holiday periods and holidays
    During the holidays, holidays can quickly cost twice as much. Pay attention not only to the holidays in your own (federal) country but also in your preferred destination. Is in the travel time in the resort a holiday, hotels can be booked quickly or overpriced.

With these tips, nothing stands in the way of your trip. You can see my favorite travel destinations as inspiration here. It does not always have to be far away and especially in Europe many travel destinations are also available by car or train. Often the flights are expensive when traveling.

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