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Organization App: These 7 apps make everyday life easier

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In our fast-paced world, good organization is essential. Those who are not organized quickly lose track and eventually sink into chaos. It is important to prevent that, which is not even difficult. With even just one organization app of these seven, you’ll make your everyday life easier and become an absolute pro in self-organization.

Which apps for organization are the best?

We show which organization app we find most ideal for everyday use.

1. Flatastic

Flatastic is the app for the super organized shared or couple apartment. Roommates are up-to-date, whether it’s about the weekly cleaning plan, grocery shopping or planning finances. For example, if something is missing in the fridge, each roommate can add it to the shopping list and another shop and check it off. Thus, there is never again a dispute over an empty refrigerator or a non-cleaned apartment. Available for iOS and Android.

2. Routinist

Routines are extremely important, especially if the structure lacks in everyday life. In the morning, many people still have a routine start to the day, but after work, there is a lack of a plan. It helps Routinist.  We recommend the premium version, because the organization app can then be used properly. For only 2.99EUR a month, the app helps to organize life. Available for iOS and Android.

3. TimeTree

As mentioned by Flatastic, it often fails to organize groups. The calendar app TimeTree is better than a regular calendar, as it is available for iOS and for Android and both systems can access one and the same calendar. Thus, couples can be well informed about the other’s appointments and schedules are easier to plan. TimeTree lets you create multiple calendars shared with different people. This is also useful, for example, for better planning of appointments for learning groups. Another plus of the app: It is also offered a web version, which facilitates the operation for appointments in everyday working life. Available for iOS and Android.

4. MeisterTask

At first glance, the project management tool is not the typical to-do list app, but more than useful. Different projects can be created (eg university organization, personal to-do’s, work, etc.). These are displayed in different states. So no To-Do, which occurs during the day is left unwritten. MeisterTask is a tool that can extend self-organization to any area of ​​life. Available for iOS, Android, desktop and web version.

5. Finanzguru

You lose track of your finances quickly when 10-20 bookings happen on the day. For this Finanzguru is ideal. All accounts combined in one app for a better overview. All bookings are automatically categorized and statistics are created. Thus one sees its expenditure compared to previous months. Also, a statistic, how much money from the salary is left over appears in the app. If you get your salary on the account, a push notification lights up on the screen. And, if happy, if salary on the account? Available for iOS and Android.


If this then that. Is it clear right away? When one happens, the other happens. That’s the best automatism you need in your life. This app, can link almost any app with another and thereby set simple utility patterns that will help you. For example, the Organizer app can automatically track your working hours on your calendar when you enter or leave work. Or she automatically saves all your  Instagram pictures in your Dropbox. The possibilities of IFTTT are endless. Available for iOS and Android.

7. Trello

Trello is also a project management app. It can also be linked to different users. We mainly use Trello for editorial and content planning. Checklists, assignments, labeling and much more is possible. Especially in big teams easy, so as not to lose track. Available for iOS, Android, desktop and web version.

With these seven apps for better organization you are prepared for everyday life. Do you know another organization app? Then tell us on instagram @viragospring

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