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How to start blogging

Tips and Tricks on how to get you started

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Starting blogging can be hard today. Especially in the lifestyle and fashion sector. So what do you need to know before making the big step? There are also hundreds of websites and books to learn from. But before reading all of that you should at least know what your main topic should be about. Also you should have a passion for creativity, writing, photography and everything that you need to publish a website online. So some knowledge in CSS, HTML, SEO, domain hosting is key. But with that being said here are my tips on how to start blogging.

Before actually starting to publish content you need to consider these steps:
  • Choose a great blogging platform (i.e. WordPress, Blogger, etc.)
  • Choose a web host for your blog
  • Either set up the blog on your own domain by yourself or get a pro who does that for you
  • Design your new blog or buy a great theme.
  • Use help for blogging

How to start blogging

  1. Ask yourself why? This is the most important part of it all. Ask yourself why you want to start blogging. If your answer is “to earn a lot of money” you should stop right there. NEVER EVER start blogging because of the money you might earn. You should start having a website on the internet because you are having fun creating something for yourself. You should have fun writing, taking pictures and being creative.

  2. Content. Content is the MOST IMPORTANT thing when it comes to blogging. If your content is bad in quality no one wants to read it and visitors will leave your blog as fast as they can. Write good content. Write something that interest you personally. You talk differently about topics you love and are interested in. No matter if that topic is super trendy right now or not, write about it if you want to. Of course it will make a difference SEO-wise if the topic is in season or not but starting with content you love is great. Just remember quality content is the most important part. Only with good content readers will return to your blog.

  3. Be yourself. No one wants to read a blog where the can’t find personality. Your blog readers want to know who you are, what you think about certain topics, what you like, what you hate and how you are any different than all those other bloggers. Authenticity is key in todays world of influencers. So stay true to yourself no matter what people say. Everyone is different. That is awesome. So embrace it.

  4. Quality. This is an extra to point number 2. Your content should be good quality. But not only when it comes to your content, it is important within the whole blog. Your blog design should represent the blog and its topic. Do not save money when it comes to a great design. Quality for your blogposts means: If you can only write one good content post a week then stick with that. Don’t post 5 not so good blog articles just because that brings you more traffic for a week. Stick to quality not quantity. Writing good articles makes the readers return to your blog. Traffic in the long run will be higher. Same goes for pictures. High quality pictures will have a more positive vibe to your readers which they will remember.

  5. Social Media. This is everything today. It is so important to grow a community around your blog. Wether that is with Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. Find the social network that works for you and exchange information with your readers. You can keep them up to date a lot easier on those platforms. Try to share your content there as well and figure out a great Social Media Strategy. 

If you really consider to start blogging I would suggest to read a lot about blogging. There are amazing books and e-books that are extremely helpful. But in the end you will find your way if you really stick to it. Hard work will make the success.

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