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How to clean the iPhone to get rid of germs

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In our digital age, our smartphone is our constant companion, as it is precisely because of this that countless bacteria collect on its surface. To prevent these germs from making us ill, it is important to clean your iPhone regularly. The germs get into our organism quickly through our hands, constant touching of the face or by making phone calls and having the phone close to our skin. We have tips for you on how to clean your phone quickly.

How to clean your iPhone: Step by step

  1. Switch off your mobile phone
  2. Remove all cables and thus also the power supply
  3. Clean the Smartphone roughly with a microfibre cloth
  4. Then moisten the microfibre cloth with some warm water and soap
  5. Prevent liquid from entering the openings
  6. You can also clean the back and outer edges with a disinfecting cloth

Caution: As many smartphones have an oil-repellent layer, it is not recommended to clean the screen with strong disinfectants, cleaning agents or high-proof alcohol. However, the back of the phone can be cleaned with it.

Why should you clean with a microfibre cloth?

As a microfibre cloth is lint-free, it is suitable for cleaning smartphones. This prevents the smallest particles from getting into openings. In addition, the microfiber cloth can also remove grease residues without water. A lint-free cotton cloth or glasses cleaning cloth can also be used. The cloth should be washed after every cleaning. If the same cloth is always used, the germs are not removed from the mobile phone, but on the contrary, they are reapplied.

If you want to be absolutely sure that as many germs on your mobile phone as possible disappear, you can clean your phone with isopropyl alcohol. This can be bought in pharmacies.

These tips for cleaning your phone can also be applied to any other screen. So you can clean your tablet, monitor, TV, etc. right away. There are also special TFT cleaners for this. The foam cleaner contains no alcohol or other solvents.

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