Ein Trockenblume-Strauß steht in einer runden Vase vor einer Wolkenlampe.

Dried flowers decor: How simply you can add the floral trend to your home

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Pampas grass, cotton branches, palm leaves: Dried flowers are not only a sustainable decor trend but it is also super easy to dry plants and flowers on your own. In my own four walls I love the look of dried plants a lot. Why the trend is suitable for everyone without a green thumb, how you can dry the flowers yourself and where you can buy them, is what I’m going to tell you now.

What to do with dried flowers? Everything you need to know

Pampasgras und ein Palmenwedel stehen in Vasen neben einem Gemälde von Vanessa Schwenk.
Pampas grass and a palm frond stand in vases next to a painting of Vanessa.

The pros of dried flowers

Usually, decorative objects and or trend pieces do not necessarily have to have advantages, but of course it does not hurt. Perhaps only as a justification for the renewed collection of things that are only beautiful to the eye.

  • Care: The biggest advantage for me – the plants do not need any care. This is especially a pro for people like me who have absolutely no green thumb. Even though I discovered and learned to appreciate gardening a bit more through Corona, the plants are still dying on me. Dried flowers are probably the easiest plants to care for besides artificial flowers. They don’t need water, pruning, fertilizing or even planting.
  • Durability: Unlike cut flowers, dried flowers do not wither. They stay with you for a very long time. Probably the only reason you would need to replace them is if the plants crumble. (Yes, that can happen if you run into it).
  • Sustainability: Because of the long durability, dried flowers are quite sustainable. Instead of putting new cut flowers on the dining table every week, it takes so much less flowers that need to be cut.
Dried Flowers - Trockenblumen stehen in einer blauen Vase auf dem Kartell Componibili Regal.
Dried flowers stand in a blue vase on Kartell Componibili shelf.

Decorating trend – how to do it yourself

Drying cut flowers is really simple and, with a little patience, anyone can do it. Depending on the thickness of the stem, the plants dry faster or slower. If the stems are particularly thin, you can put the result of dried flowers in vases after a few days.

  1. Step: Remove thorns and leaves according to your preferences and cut off some of the stems, if not already done.
  2. Step: Sort the flowers according to the thickness of the stems and tie them into bouquets.
  3. Step: Hang the bouquets with the flowers facing down. Ideally in a warm, dry place.

Pressing instead of drying

Another way you can make your own dried flowers is by pressing plants. Perhaps, like me, you did this as a child. I remember many colorful leaves that I pressed for the local history and science lessons in several books at home. Only to glue them on a DinA4 sheet. Now we do that, for me a nicer reason – to have a visually appealing decorative object for the own four walls.

  1. Step: As for drying, remove thorns and leaves according to your preferences and slightly shorten the stems of the flowers. Especially suitable for this purpose are flat flowers.
  2. Step: Place the flowers on baking paper. Open a book, place the baking paper with the flowers on it, place another piece of baking paper on the flower and close the book.
  3. Step: Place many more books on top of the book with the flowers in it to put enough weight on the plants.

Making a bouquet with dried flowers

The final step of the dried flower trend: when tying the bouquet, there are no limits to your creativity. You can either sort and tie the flowers by color or mix them up completely. You can find a lot of inspiration onPinterest.

Buying dried flowers

Of course, you can also buy the flowers already dried and or pressed. Meanwhile, in addition to smaller local flower stores also offer among others at Depot, Etsy and Bergamotte.

The most beautiful decoration ideas to set the scene for dried flowers

My personal favorite part is decorating the plants. The assembled bouquets become an absolute eye-catcher only with the right place – just a perfect interior trend. My 5 favorite ways to put the dried flowers in scene:

  • Vases: The absolute classic. Drape the dried flowers in beautiful vases. You can choose small vases for small bouquets or large vases for more imposing plants.
  • Carafes and bottles: Especially for single flowers, this is a beautiful way. Simply place a single flower in a transparent bottle or carafe. So the dried flowers are also very nice as a table decoration.
  • Picture frame: The most beautiful variant for pressed dried flowers, in my opinion (but still on my wishlist). For this, picture frames that are glazed on both sides are particularly suitable. So you can also let the picture frame hang from the ceiling and view the flowers from both sides.
Baumwollzweige stehen in einer Beton-Vase auf dem Boden neben einem brauen Sessel.
Cotton branches stand in a concrete vase on the floor next to a brown armchair.

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