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Boho hallway decor: Tips and ideas for a narrow corridor

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Skandi, boho and hygge: 5 tips for a cozy, narrow hallway

Next to the entrance area, the hallway is often the first thing that is seen of an apartment. Accordingly, the feeling that the corridor conveys at the first or at the latest second glance into the apartment is important to me. In my home it should convey a feeling of coziness, relaxed freshness and lightness. Home means to me to feel comfortable, little stimuli and a feeling as if you were constantly on vacation. However, it is difficult for me to commit to one style of interior design. It is a colorful mixture of Skandi, Boho and Hygge. In the hallway, this style is particularly evident – and although a narrow hallway is often difficult to furnish, it has become my favorite room.

Schmaler Flur mit Bank im Boho-Stil
© Vanessa Schwenk

Boho hallway decor: 5 simple tips for your home

Tip 1: Simple color palette

A narrow, dark hallway gets through a simple, light color palette not only more lightness and size but also exudes calm. Colors like beige, white, brown but also highlights in black are a good choice.

Tip 2: Natural materials

Jute, raffia, wood and linen give more charm and coziness. It has something original, which subconsciously gives security. In addition, natural materials are usually very easy to clean and thus facilitate regular cleaning of the apartment, because they are not so susceptible to stains and dirt.

Tip 3: Boho loves pattern mix

Boho style thrives on colorful mixes. However, this is not always related to the choice of colors. A colorful mix of styles in patterns looks harmonious and still brings out the desired boho effect. Here, macramé, patchwork and fringes lend themselves. Everything is allowed that pleases. Pompons, tassels and tassels should not be spared.

Tip 4: Stretch narrow hallway with a runner

Since a narrow hallway can not convince with the width, we make use of the length. A long rug will put the focus on the length of the room. A runner made of jute or wool in a contrasting color to the floor is ideal. If the floor is rather dark, choose a light rug, but if you have a white or very light floor choose a brown rug.

Tip 5: Wall decoration

Use the walls for accessories. However, these do not always have to be pictures in the classic sense. Also tapestries, macramé or dream catchers reflect Boho. In my hallway I have placed one of my canvas artworks on the wall. For me, this results in such an ideal symbiosis.

Ideas for a narrow hallway

Schmaler Flur mit Bank im Boho-Stil
© Vanessa Schwenk

Marroccan bench via Etsy around 100 Euro. Pillow case via H&M Home around 20 Euro (set of three). Runner via Westwing around 130 Euro.

What is Boho?

The term “Boho” is derived from the French word “Bohemién”. Boho was coined by the Roma, who came from Bohemia. In the 19th century, the style was mainly created by rebellious artists such as poets, painters and musicians. The desire for a free, undetermined life moved them.

Bright colors, wild patterns and creativity used to be the epitome of style, but nowadays it’s more muted colors, natural materials and calm. Therefore, the boho style is often called Ibiza style.

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