Weihnachtsgeschenke 2021: Geschenkideen Sport und Fitness
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Christmas presents 2021: Fitness & sports gift ideas

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Christmas Gifts Fitness & Sports: Even if it may seem like your fitness friends are already wearing the nicest sportswear, own the coolest gadgets and know all the latest trends. In this guide we’ll show you one or two suitable gift ideas for all those who are in love with fitness and sports – or want to be.

It is always easier to gift someone who is similar to you but if not here are some great gift ideas for fitness freaks. There is always a way to make people smile.

fitness lover
/ˈfɪtnəs lʌvə(r)/ 

If you are a fitness and sports lover, you like it very much and you do it as much as you want. 

Our gift ideas for those who love fitness and sports

  1. In our stressful lives, yoga is the perfect balance. A yoga mat gives us the ideal motivation to start and get going. For more tips on how to motivate yourself or the person you’re giving the gift to, check out our Yoga Beginner’s Guide.
  2. Pinching sportswear is more than uncomfortable. A seamless bodysuit, on the other hand, provides support and is not uncomfortable to wear while exercising.
  3. Matching sets of leggings and sports bra should not be missing at any sports session.
  4. Meditation helps to switch off and let the thoughts drift away. The meditation cushion offers pure relaxation after sports.
  5. Keeping track of successes is important for one or the other. We can do that now with this fitness tracker.
  6. Of course, endurance should not be neglected. A skipping rope offers ideal endurance training for in between. This skipping rope from Artzt from the Vintage series not only looks pretty, but is your ideal endurance companion.
  7. No sport without music. At least, with the right playlists, it’s also much easier to endure when you’re almost at the limit of your strength. A suitable speaker that can be part of every sports session is the portable Roam model from Sonos.

More gift inspiration

You can find more gift ideas on our overview page here:

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