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Christmas presents 2021: Fashion gift ideas

Inspiration for Fashion Addicts

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Fashion presents: Fashion is an outlet for many people. It makes you happy to wear something beautiful and express your personality through outfits. If this description made you think of exactly one person, then this gift guide with fashion gift ideas will give you the right inspiration to repurchase.

(ˌfæʃəˈniːstə ) 

person who follows trends in the fashion industry obsessively and strives continually to adopt the latest fashions

Our gift ideas for those who love fashion

  1. We love knit dresses. Especially with this beautiful pattern
  2. Bags we can never have enough. This bag in black and cognac can become a special classic.
  3. An absolute must: white sneakers.
  4. Sweater vests keep us warm not only in winter.
  5. For the absolute hardcore fashion fans, the Chloé drinking bottle with matching carrying bag is an irresistible highlight.
  6. A coffee table book just the way we like it.
  7. Say cheese! This mirror is perfect for any mirror selfie or #ootd.
  8. A little bling bling never hurts. These asymmetrical earrings take care of that.
  9. Vanessa’s favorite: the Prada shoulder clutch (note from Vanessa: been in my closet for a few years and I love it a lot).

More gift inspiration

You can find more gift ideas on our overview page here:

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