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Summer picnic: 10 pieces for the ideal outdoor gathering

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Picnics symbolize romance, good food and nature on an ideal summer day. However, the disappointment is often great when the romanticized picnic, as exemplified by Pinterest or Instagram, cannot live up to expectations. So as not to dampen the mood, here are the 10 pieces you should pack for your summer picnic.

10 must-haves for a picnic

1. Picnic blanket

The blanket turns your picnic into a picnic. It’s the base. Models with a coated surface on the underside are often a good choice. Especially when the grass is still slightly wet from the morning dew, the entire blanket will not get wet. A simple blanket or even a carpet can also be used. These are ideal on dry surfaces, such as stone floors, pebbles or wooden walkways.

Picnic blanket from June is perfect for a summer picnic
Juna Rå picnic blanket around 54 EUR via Connox

2. Picnic basket

An ideal picnic basket contains dishes, cutlery and glasses. So everything is quickly to hand. A picnic basket that also contains a cooling section is ideal for keeping snacks cool in the summer heat.

BUTLERS A DAY IN THE PARK Picknickkorb 2 Personen B 40 x T 30cm natur Erwachsene

BUTLERS picnic basket

MCW Picknickkorb »T741«

MCW picnic basket

3. Cooler

If the picnic basket does not have an integrated cooler, a cool box should definitely be taken along for the picnic. This way you can enjoy outdoor food even after a long bike tour or a day of swimming without having to eat anything that is not edible.


TCHIBO lunch bag cooler


XXXLUTZ cooler

4. Wooden board

A good surface to eat on is also important for summer picnics. With a good wooden board you can also cut and arrange your food on grass.

SMÅÄTA Schneidebrett

IKEA cutting board

BUTLERS MARBLE KITCHEN Schneidebrett L 46 x B 17,5cm grau

BUTLERS cutting board

5. Swiss pocket knife

The pocket knife is an all-rounder – especially practical if you don’t want to take too much with you. To cut the cheese, pull the wine cork or smear the bread.

Victorinox Taschenmesser Huntsman silber

VICTORINOX pocket knife

6. Snack box

Preparation is essential for picnics. Fruit, cheese, sausage and other snacks can be packed in practical boxes, already cut.


TCHIBO lunch box

BUTLERS SNACK PACK Lunchbox inkl. Besteck L 19 x B 11cm grau/weiß

BUTLERS snack box

7. Light

Especially when it gets darker in the evening, some candles or outdoor lamps light up the darkness and make it cosy. This way you don’t have to leave early and you can still spend warm summer nights in nature.

BUTLERS LIGHT UP LED-Outdoor Lampe mit 8-fachem Farbwechsel Leuchtobjekte-Outdoor, weiß

BUTLERS LED outdoor lamp

ECO-Kerze, Blutorange und Bergamotte-Keine Farbe

ECO candle

8. Thermos bottle

A good thermos bottle keeps drinks not only warm but also cool. This offers the ideal refreshment in summer.

CONTIGO Thermoflasche MATTERHORN COUTURE Sandstone, 591 ml

CONTIGO thermos bottle

Baoblaze 2L Thermoflasche Trinkflaschen mit Flip-Top-Deckel, inkl. 2 Stück 180ml Becher

BAOBLAZE thermos bottle with cups

9. Pillows

Cosiness is the top priority. Pillows not only make the picnic “instagramable” but also comfortable.

Wave Outdoor Kissen

WAVE outdoor pillows

Linen & More Dekokissen

LINEN & MORE pillows

10. and last but not least food

Outdoor dining: These snacks are ideal for summer picnics

  • Fresh fruit: cherries, apples and watermelon
  • Bread with butter and salt
  • Salad: Cucumber and carrot salad with extra dressing or a delicious Italian pasta salad
  • Cheese with crackers
  • Salami sticks and sausage
  • Banana bread
  • Dips: Guacamole, onion dip or also herb curd
  • Vegetables: peppers, carrots or radishes
  • Granola bars:ideal without chocolate, which could otherwise melt


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