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Reading List 2022: Around the World in 20 Books

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Don’t we all have our favourite authors and genres, when it comes to picking a reading list? At the End of 2021 I too had to realize, that I had become somewhat stuck in my patterns. So I decided to broaden my mental horizon in 2022, by travelling the world through my reading list.

reading list 2022
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How did I research my 2022 reading list?

My first place to go for research: Pinterest. And I was very lucky. It seems like I have already proven my interest in “book inspiration” to the algorithm. Within no time, Pinterest suggested me some Pins about “reading challenges” and “books around the world”. But what struck me: Often these lists were only about books with plots that are set all over the world. But my point on this world trip is not to discover new places. I want to discover new authors and point of views. Therefore I created my own list.

The 5 rules of my book-trip around the world

I set these rules for my research:

  • Rule 1: I split the world into regions and settled for one country each.
  • Rule 2: The books should have been translated into English or German. Therefore I searched in Google for “most famous author” of the specific country.
  • Rule 3: Additionally, I decided that the author should have been born in the country an have been living there a certain time of their lives.
  • Rule 4: I tried to choose an equal count of female and male authors. Unfortunately I did not reach true equality. At the moment the list contains 9 books from women* and 11 books from men*.
  • Rule 5: No restrictions! Everything is allowed – from crime to biographies or contemporary literature.

In 22 books around the world

The reading list that emerged from these five rules counts 20 books. A number that seems realistic to get through within a year. And even if I should not finish it within time, my reading trip around the world will simply take two years. I don’t want to loose the fun with this.These books are meant as a starting point for my world trip around the globe – that I hope to repeat more than once. I listed the following informations: world region, title (preferred in English), author, country of origin, year of first publication and a link to a currently available issue on Amazon.

(* We want to include everyone in this society, regardless of gender)

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