Neujahrsvorsätze 2019 New Year's resolutions 2019
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New Year’s Resolutions 2019 – Wishes to the World

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Happy New Year! We hope you have slipped well, have celebrated properly, clinked glasses and duly celebrated the first few minutes and hours of the new year. It’s 2019, and we’ll have 365 days left to change and love ourself and the entire world. The changes do not always have to be groundbreaking, even the little things in life make a difference. Many New Year’s resolutions are not kept or are forgotten at the latest after January. But with these New Year’s resolutions in 2019, we encourage you to maintain them throughout the year, and that very easily, so that you will hardly notice. Everyone is more motivated to make a difference at the turn of the year, but we can begin to make those changes every other day in 2019, too. Cheers to an amazing 2019! Your VIRAGO SPRING team is looking forward to many experiences with you!

New Year’s resolutions 2019

  • More awareness. Yes, conscious life is becoming increasingly important. We need a conscious self in order to become more aware of ourselves, our environment and our fellow human beings. More listening, more mindfulness for our beautiful blue planet, more charity.
  • Less consumption. We consume massively every day. No matter what consumption is, we should this year try to consume more conscious. Do you really need this dress or is the TV turned on unnecessarily? The little things make the difference here.
  • More acceptance and tolerance. Before we always judge others, we should take ourselves by our nose and accept people as they are. Everyone is different and that is wonderful. We do not have to understand each and everyone, no one ask to do so and it would be an imposition, but we can accept every human being. If someone is more withdrawn, needs time for himself, does not feel like doing something, or disagrees or or or, then that is more than OK.
  • Less negativity. Here is the motto clearly: live and let live. We are so fortunate that we should look more at the positive and less negative things. After all, you can make something positive out of everything. Give it a try. It will work wonders.
  • More self-love. Spend time with yourself and that a lot! Do not let anyone take that from you, because that’s so incredibly important. Fulfill your wishes and be selfish in it. Do not be offended if you prefer to spend an evening with yourself. In this fast-paced life, it is important to take the time to regenerate and relax.

You can only make others happy if you make yourself happy first.

Neujahrsvorsätze 2019 New Year's resolution 2019
  • Less pollution. Probably the most important point in the New Year’s resolutions 2019. We only have this one planet and we have to protect it. Everyone can do something here to go more towards climate neutrality. Here are some tips:
    • Use less plastic products. For example, you can use reusable cotton pads, or always take a coffee-to-go mug instead of buying one each time.
    • Eat less meat. If you like eating meat, you do not have to become a vegetarian, but if you cut your meat consumption in half, you’re really doing good to yourself and your environment.
    • Separate your garbage.
    • Spare water. Before showering for 15 minutes, consider if a 10-minute shower is enough as well.
    • Do not throw food away. Buy only what you can really eat before it gets bad.
    • Walk more often or use public transport.

We wish you a successful year 2019 with much joy, laughter, health and success.

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