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Learning something new in 2022: 12 months of learning new skills and gaining knowledge

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Never stop learning something new: 12 months – 12 new things to learn

In the past two years of the pandemic, a large part of the everyday stimuli has completely disappeared. We sit at home in the home office, leave the house much less often (at most for 3000 walks) but less often to really experience something new. I miss these stimuli, experiences and absorbing new knowledge. But staring into the laptop for another hour is too monotonous for me personally.

In my job, something changes every day, I deal with updates in algorithms, analyze current trends and evaluate data. I’m glad to turn off my laptop in the evening. So last year in February, I asked myself how I could close the gap between wanting to learn new things and having less screen time. The result was 12 months – 12 new things to learn. Actually, I wanted to start last March already, but then Pepper came into my life and I prioritized the topic dog before all others of course. Now he is 1 year old and I ready myself to start the project.

Learn something new: These are the skills I want to learn and these are the topics I want to work on in the next 12 months

1. January – Perfectionism

Probably the most personal topic of the total of 12 blocks. In our society, the term perfectionism is unfortunately used inflationary. Similar to the topics burnout, depression, workaholic and many more. This trivializes the psychological constructs and disease patterns. Each and every one of these illnesses and compulsions should be taken seriously by society, and trivialization ultimately always harms those affected in their struggles. I would now like to face my questions on this topic and actively deal with them.

2. February – Lymphatic drainage

Doing good for ourselves. We should do that every day. But lymphatic drainage is a topic I would like to deal with to understand whether it will do me and my health good. In general, I deal with the topic of health through external applications much too little. And I would like to change that.

3. March – Essential oils

Normally, you first deal with the subject and then put an aroma diffuser on the table and let yourself be dusted by lavender rain. Well, the diffuser stands and from March I will also finally deal with the topic of oils.

4. April – Sexism

For ages, the book “Sexism – History of an Oppression” by Susan Arndt has been sitting on my bookshelf – unread. What is behind the system? How has it shaped our society and will there ever be a world without sexism? The book will hopefully provide the answers to these questions.

5. Mai – Drinks

In line with my birthday month, I’m tackling the topic of drinks. How do I mix the perfect cocktail? What is behind the art of the bartender? And will I perhaps discover a new favorite drink?

6. June & 7. July – Astrology & Astronomy

Haven’t people always had a fascination for stars and also the power of the stars? I am definitely fascinated by the subject. In the months of June and July I would like to learn how the stars, our zodiac signs and the connection between astronomy and astrology (also scientifically proven) influence us.

8. August – Impressive women

At the moment I am still wavering whether I want to use August for Jane Goodall or Amelia Earhart. I’m still leaving the decision open. Two women who have in any case achieved impressive things. What is behind them? Who were they really? What controversies are swirling around them?

9. September – Crystals & Healing Stones

At the latest since the movie “The Rock Crystal”, which I saw as a child (and probably had little to do with the actual crystal) crystals fascinate me. Healing stones I always had at home – why I actually do not know. Now it is time to deal with them. Which stones have which effect, or is it all just humbug?

10. October – Judaism

In school times, one gets to know all religions. Often only very superficially – that was also the case with me. To understand cultures, world events and our society, I think it is essential to deal with religions. I will start with Judaism, for which I hold a great fascination. In October I would like to deal with the core of religion, its facets and controversies as well as positive approaches.

11. November – Pottery

Once again something handicraft. Of course, that must not come too short. After all, I also want to look up from the books and create memories. In fact, I once pottery in school and tried myself in it. It’s time to revive those memories and especially to learn and understand techniques. Whether I can still inspire friends to accompany me in November we will see.

12. December – Volunteer

The final topic of the “Learn Something New”-Challenge: A topic which is very close to my heart and which never really found a place in the last years. I have spent the last few years paving my own way. I have invested every free minute in my studies and professional life. My private life is not exactly brimming with boredom either. While constantly running from A to B and rarely gasping for air, I now want to actively create time. Time to dedicate myself to others. What will that look like? I don’t know yet. But in December I would like to inform myself about possibilities and then start in January 2023 with the honorary office in the new year. Because the activity should not be in any case only a 4-week affair.

How this journey will continue, what I learn new and how this will be expressed you can already read at the beginning of February here on VIRAGO SPRING.

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