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Favorite Series on Netflix 2020

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Series are the ideal escape from everyday life, the journey into other worlds and inspiration for thoughts. Whether crime, action, drama or love stories, series are so diverse and bursting with unbelievable scripts. In this list you will find my personal favorite series on Netflix 2019. You can watch these series on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with a blanket on the couch, tea and snacks. Bingen allowed! Because there’s nothing nicer than taking a break and watching series that fascinate you.

Favorite Series Netflix 2020


It’s a classic, and yet worth mentioning. Even though the series is getting on in years, it taught me a lot. The series Friends deals with topics that are still relevant today. It gives the feeling that the really important things, like friendship, family and love, should predominate. Yes, the cult series teaches you something for life.
Recently the Friends series moved from Netflix to Amazon Prime.

2. American Crime Story

True Crime is fascinating. What motivated the perpetrators to proceed? There are now two seasons in the series. The first is about the criminal case around O. J. Simpsons. The viewer follows the path of prosecutor Marcia Clarke and sees the other side of a trial. Exciting until the last second, especially since you know that it really happened that way. The second season of the American Crime Story is about the murder of the unforgotten fashion designer Gianni Versace. However, this time you accompany the murderer. This way of looking at things is once again amazing and frightening at the same time.

3. The world’s most extraordinary homes

My heart for architecture and breathtaking interior beats higher in this series. In each episode, award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin travel around the world showing homes bursting with creativity, innovation and modern interpretation of space. The two show in a friendly way how much fun architecture can bring. In countries like New Zealand, Switzerland or Israel, they explore houses built underground, on a steep hill or directly on the water. The desire for more architecture is definitely on the rise. We like!

4. Girlboss

A series about which I don’t want to lose many words, because the Essence is also so well promoted. Sophia Amaruso founds the Ebay-Shop NastyGal Vintage. Over the years she founded a multimillion dollar company. The feature film series describes her rise in a soft, typically California girl attitude. For all girl bosses more than recommend.

5. You

You show us how important it is to question the way we deal with social media and the information we make available there. Penn Bagdley in the leading role plays a bookseller who is obsessed with the beautiful Beck. A series that makes us cheer on every second and run the one or other shiver down our backs.

6. The Crown

My obsession with the British royal family takes on new forms through this series. I don’t know where the great interest exactly comes from. Maybe from the Disney movies I always watched as a child and dreamed of becoming a princess or the royal families still live behind thick walls even in today’s glassy, social time and give us hardly any insights. The series “The Crown” at least gives me insights into the past years.

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