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Wow! Two years. A time that has passed incredibly quickly. A time in which so much has happened – not only as part of the articles but also behind the scenes. Today we celebrate two years of VIRAGO SPRING.

New start

The two-year anniversary could not have been more energetic for the new start. The blogazine was founded on 20th of June 2018. The last day of the calendrical spring-time. Spring stands for change and above all for the appreciation of change. But this year – today, 20th of June 2020 – is the beginning of summer. We start into summer fresh and new – enjoying the sun, happiness and pure joy.


A positive view into the future – to all that may come. And the same will continue here. It is a place that is allowed to change – but also to grow. Furthermore we talk about topics that move, that help and that offer inspiration, share outfits, give styling tips and distribute positive vibes.


It may seem easy to leave a few nice words here but there is so much more to it. It’s a warm feeling when we think about the last two years. So many wonderful experiences were allowed to happen thanks to VIRAGO SPRING.


The last weeks were not easy, also because of the coronavirus, the death of George Floyd and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The future is uncertain in many ways. How our world will evolve, what will change and what can we do better. For these reasons, too, I am pleased that we have a platform here on which this change can – and should – take place.

Thanks to YOU! For your reading time, your comments and your appreciation. For that I am very thankful. Yes, thankful – this is what I am for these two years. Cheers! To the next two, three, four years.

Love, Vanessa


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