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VIRAGO SPRING turns one year old. But what interested me the most personally: What did you read most here, which topics did you like?

Fortunately, when I looked at the articles in the ranking, I was not surprised. They are also my favourite topics and articles, which I wrote with pleasure and a lot of work.

10 most read articles

  1. Wide Leg Pants Trend 2019: Style it right
  2. City trip outfit: City looks for every season
  3. The most beautiful Coat Trends 2019
  4. Organizations Apps: These 7 apps make everyday life easier
  5. Interview with Avantgardress founders Lisa Fischer and Lena von Linde
  6. Eating out in New Zealand – the best restaurants, cafés and bars
  7. EUnify Hoodie: When fashion becomes political
  8. Why you need to wear a one shoulder blouse this summer
  9. White T-Shirt and Jeans: The Outfit classic
  10. Pinterest Trends 2019: The most popular fashion trends

Thank you so much for reading the articles so diligently!

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