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Why you need to wear a one-shoulder blouse this summer

one-shoulder bluse kombinieren wear a one-shoulder blouse

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In summer at 30°C it is nice to wear less fabric. Nevertheless, you want to dress a little more covered, especially when working. The one-shoulder blouse will perfectly cover you and is still sexy summery. In summer, it’s easy to combine the trend piece one-shoulder blouse. If you wear a one-shoulder blouse in a white, it looks fresh and cool at the same time. With these tips and tricks every women turns her shoulders to the new cleavage.

one-shoulder blues kombinieren style one-shoulder blouse
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How to wear a one-shoulder blouse? Style it right.

Who can wear a one-shoulder blouse?

Everyone! Big or small, wide or delicate shoulders. The one-shoulder blouse is the all-purpose weapon for every woman, so with this you can show everyone the (cool) shoulder. It not only looks incredibly sexy and seductive in this way, but also fashionable and chic. The asymmetry in the diagonal cut is interesting and is flattering for your figure. This cut gets an upgrade. The one-shoulder blouse is as changeable as nothing else. Yes, it looks sexy at first glance, but if you wear a blouse with ruffles, it looks cute. If you pimp it up with a flower print, it looks even fresher and summerier. If you choose a clean blouse, the look becomes a minimalist eye-catcher.

How do you style the one-shoulder blouse right?

  • Choose a tight minimalist one-shoulder blouse and pair it with a boyfriend jeans. So the look is relaxed.
  • If you decide to wear a cute blouse with ruffles, choose wide summer trousers.
  • Combine the one-shoulder blouse with classic blue jeans and rough boots for the edgy style.
  • Minimize jewelry in the look so that the statement piece remains the highlight.
  • The bra must not be seen, an ugly bra strap destroys the magic of the blouse. Tip: Choose a strapless bra. My personal insider tip: A strapless bra from the bridal shop. They hold better than anyone else.
  • In the shoe choice, everything from cute ballet flats to rugged boots is all there, just fine-tune your look or set contrasts.

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Which accessories make the look an eye-catcher?

Less is more. Say goodbye to necklaces on this look these would only avert the view of the blouse. But a few rings or bracelets work wonders. A matching bag completes the look. A raffia bag is currently wonderful this summer. An accessory that is often forgotten is make-up. You can put on dark lips or choose a strong eye make-up, without taking away view away from the blouse.

one-shoulder bluse kombinieren style one-shoulder blouse
© Vanessa Schwenk

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