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Travel Outfit for long-haul flights

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Long-haul flights are exhausting, exhausting and infinitely long. There is probably no one who loves these flights (unless you fly first class), but there are a few tricks to make the flight more enjoyable. At least as far as the outfit is concerned. For short distances, it almost doesn’t matter what you wear. The main thing is that it’s not too airy. In the airplane it gets cold relatively fast. Since I could enjoy the great privilege to travel a lot even as a small child, my family gave me good tips and I have also learned a lot in recent years about the perfect travel outfit.

The perfect travel outfit for long-haul flights

One would prefer to travel in their favourite jogging trousers or even pyjamas. Of course this is possible, but if you want to be dressed more chic and still have a pleasant flight, we have some tips for you:

Reise Outfit Travel Outfit
© Vanessa Schwenk

1. Travel outfit tip: comfortable trousers

Pants are the most important thing for long journeys. After all, you sit for hours and rarely get up. Culottes are very good for this. Choose a culotte in rip knit or other comfortable material. Especially at the top of the waistband it should sit loose. A Culotte looks chic and is ideal for a long distance flight. It’s also wide enough to wear a leggings underneath if you get cold in the plane. Another option is of course to wear jeans and then slip into your sweatpants on the plane. Personally, we find the toilets in the plane a bit small and in turbulences you quickly lose your balance.

2. Travel outfit tip: layering

Since temperatures can vary greatly from the airport of departure to the airport of destination, it is advisable to choose layering. For me it usually looks like this: Spaghetti top, T-shirt, sweater, jacket. With these four layers I am well prepared for any weather and any temperature. Ideally, however, I will adjust the layering once again. If it’s very warm at the departure point and also very warm at the destination, I skip one or two layers and just take a thin scarf with me to wrap in the plane.

3. Travel outfit tip: shoes with zipper

It may sound like a matter of course, but I’ve been in the lurch too many times at the security check and had to watch how someone couldn’t get his shoes open because there were tens of thousands of knots in his shoelaces. This is very stressful for the person himself and also annoying for those behind him. Everyone wants to get to the gate in time. That’s why I always choose shoes with zippers or even for slipping in. This is the fastest way!

4. Travel outfit tip: thick socks

Normally I wear normal socks in my shoes and pack thick cuddly socks in my hand luggage. On long-haul flights I usually wear compression stockings and I don’t want to walk around in the plane with these. After all, I can’t just change them when they get wet or dirty. For this reason and so that my feet are always nice and warm, I wear thick socks in the plane. Of course it is also comfortable. I can simply wash the socks after the flight and don’t have to put on my shoes every time I get up.

5. Travel outfit tip: little to no jewellery

Too much jewelry can be quite unfavorable. Sometimes you have to remove jewellery at the security check. This can take some time. That’s why you don’t need jewellery as much as possible. The only thing I always wear is a watch. I set it to the time of the destination as soon as the plane takes off. So you immediately alleviate jetlag.

Reise Outfit Travel Outfit
© Vanessa Schwenk

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