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Say it with a shirt: Styling Statement Shirts

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The T-shirt has established itself as the basic in our wardrobes. The white round neck shirt is the classic among the T-shirts. But that doesn’t mean boredom, because the variations with statement shirts are countless. We show our favourite shirts and show how we are styling statement shirts.

Statement shirts: How we are styling the secret star of our wardrobe

1. Cartoon Fashion Print Shirts: Back to Childhood

The prints on the T-shirts have as much variety as there are childhood heroes. No matter if King of the Lions, Superman or Care Bears, what we loved as children, determines our look. With the cartoon fashion trend statement T-shirt get a new look. But also shirts with a different print give an outfit a certain coolness. You can’t miss the print shirts on the streets at the moment and hopefully we will keep them for a long time to come.
I love the Care Bear shirt because it is not too playful and childlike due to the grey colour and can also be combined casually.

Outfit Care Bear Shirt
© Vanessa Schwenk

2. Band Shirts:

We were able to communicate our musical taste via band shirts before Spotify and Instagram. It’s probably one of the most popular statement shirts.
I love my ACDC shirt because nobody would expect it from me. In combination with the pink pleated skirt it fulfills clichés that are broken at the same time. That I felt I could do all the ACDC lyrics before I could even speak properly is something that very few people know. Ok, that’s maybe a bit exaggerated, but I could definitely do it before I could spell my name correctly. This band probably shaped my childhood like no other.

ACDC Band Shirt Statement-Shirt kombinieren
© Vanessa Schwenk

3. Slogan Shirts: 

There is no end to creativity with slogan shirts. Every opinion, every thought can be printed there. Maria Grazia Chiuri (Creative Director at Dior) skilfully placed her “We should all be feminists” slogan shirt and thus hit the zeitgeist.

4. Logomania: Show what you are wearing

Gucci, Balenciaga, Vetements or Levis. The striking logos on T-shirts are available in almost every collection. This trend is still very popular. The favourites in your own wardrobe are the PHYNE T-shirt and the VOGUE hoodie. However, the variant also works discreetly. With Logomania everything is allowed. The EUnify hoodie shows us how logos as well as political messages can function. A flag is also a logo in the figurative sense.

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Outfit Vogue Hoodie Virago Spring
© Vanessa Schwenk
Eunify Hoodie Outfit
© Vanessa Schwenk

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