Lederjacke kombinieren styling tipps how to style leather jackets
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Leather jacket: How we style the fashion classic

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We combine masculinity, strength and rebellion with leather jackets. There is probably no other piece of clothing that is more brimming with coolness. For decades the mostly black leather jacket has shaped the fashion world and is always present on the streets of this world. The all-rounder goes with a flower dress as well as with jeans. The combination possibilities are countless. We show how to style the classic leather jacket in black and also colourful ones

History of leather jackets

What turned the favourite in our wardrobe a fashion classic

Originally the leather jacket served pilots as warm and weatherproof clothing. But it soon became popular in the circles of motorcyclists. The enormous popularity can be traced back to movies like Grease.

How to style a black leather jacket

Leather jacket, T-shirt and jeans – simple and iconic

When two fashion classics meet, this is a guarantee for a look with natural coolness. The otherwise hard-wearing leather jacket becomes effortless chic with this combination of jeans and T-shirt.

Jeans T-Shirt Lederjacke Leather jacket Outfit 
Lederjacke kombinieren styling tipps how to style leather jackets

I was wearing:
Leather Jacket – TRF Zara
Jeans – H&M
Playboy Shirt – Maison LaBiche
Boots – Tamaris

Leather jacket styling: Casual with wide pants

To counteract the leather jacket in its hard image and to loosen up the outfit, it can be combined with wide trousers. Through flowing fabrics they offer the ideal contrast program.

A homage to simple elegance – the all-over black look

Wearing a black leather jacket in a simple black all-over look is probably the most elegant and nevertheless the simplest combination. The nonchalance can be worn more elegantly with jumpsuit and high heels or more relaxed with black jeans.

Outfit weite Blumenprint Hose, Lederjacke und schwarzer Shopper
Lederjacke kombinieren styling tipps how to style leather jackets
© Vanessa Schwenk

You can find the 3 most beautiful black leather jackets from the online shops here:

Lederjacke im Biker-Look

Tigha leather jacket

maje Lederjacke BASALT

Maje leather jacket

Lederjacke mit Gürtel am Bund

Review leather jacket

Styling colourful leather jackets:

Yellow leather jacket with a sporty look

The combination with yellow can quickly go wrong, especially in combination with black. The hard break can be loosened up with white. In this look I chose black sporty pants, white sneakers and a matching white t-shirt. On the other hand, the combination of yellow and grey always looks harmonious. When it comes to colour combinations, of course, you can always combine what you like. But there are softer and harder combinations. The tone-in-tone look can quickly look overloaded with yellow.

Lederjacke kombinieren styling tipps how to style leather jackets

Monochrome – leather jacket in tone-in-tone look

Combining a gold leather jacket can be complicated. Due to the strong colour the look quickly looks overloaded. But the golden leather coat can stand out in a simple and elegant tone-in-tone look. In combination with beige this is easily achieved.

Golden leather coat with mom jeans

Gold is often left out when choosing the colour of the leather jacket. The colour quickly pushes itself into the foreground. But the galactic shimmering piece can be loud if the rest of the looks are reduced. That’s why I have combined a mom jeans with a golden leather coat in this outfit. And a beige knitted sweater. Beige complements gold perfectly without being obtrusive. A monochrome tone-in-tone look works very well with gold in balance with beige. The black boots round off the casual look.

Lederjacke kombinieren styling tipps how to style leather jackets
© Vanessa Schwenk

Red leather jacket mixed with grey

Lederjacke kombinieren styling tipps how to style leather jackets

The combination of red and grey has a particularly harmonious effect. Similar to yellow. The colour neutralises every extreme. Combining the leather jacket with a hoodie always looks relaxed and can be worn to get breakfast on Sundays. For this combination, the grey jogging pants are also ideal. An ideal Sunday look, which does not allow boredom by the eye-catcher color. If you want to wear this look in everyday life, you can also choose grey skinny jeans. This makes the look suitable for the office, depending on the industry.

The most beautiful colorful leather jackets in the online stores for you to buy

Lederjacke mit Reißverschlusstaschen Modell 'Biker Princess'

Freaky Nation leather jacket

AMY VERMONT, Lederjacke

Amy Vermont leather jacket

Maze Ledermantel '420-20-40' pink

Maze leather coat 

Maze Lederjacke grün

Maze leather jacket

In winter a shearling jacket is a good idea. Here the suede jacket gets a fake-fur upgrade.

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