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5 Outfits, 5 Essentials: Italy Edition

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Wearing the perfect outfit every day has become more realistic in a world of daily #ootds, but it still doesn’t happen every day. Nor does it have to succeed every day. It’s more than okay to grab something from your closet with your eyes closed and dress only for the benefit of comfort. However, there are just those moments when you like to dress beautifully. In which you feel special in your look. And these moments are what the new series is all about. But we wouldn’t be us at VIRAGO SPRING if it was just about the looks. We want to know what, besides the outfits, strengthens those moments when we feel special. What essentials make those moments even better or are even responsible for them. Whether simple or unusual: 5 Outfits, 5 Essentials shows you new facades.

New on VIRAGO SPRING: 5 Outfits, 5 Essentials

The kickoff, however, I would not like to start with super simple everyday outfits. These will sneak into one or the other 5 Outfits, 5 Essentials soon enough. For this reason (and my vacation in Italy) we start with an Italian edition.

In total I was in Italy for 8 days and enjoyed the vacay very much. From relaxing pool looks to dreamy outfits, everything is there. But let’s start with the 5 essentials.

5 Essentials that were mandatory on vacation in Italy

I could probably list more, but these 5 made my vacation more enjoyable.

5 Outfits 5 Essentials: Instax Mini 11, ein Buch, Sonnencreme und ein Bucket Hat liegen auf einem Handtuch am Pool.
Vanessa’s 5 essentials on a Zara Home towel by the pool.

1. Bucket Hat from Plenty Sisters

What came into fashion as a fisherman’s hat is now a symbol of summer, relaxation and the good life for me. When I walked past the Plenty Sisters store on my last vacation in Zeeland, Netherlands, my eyes couldn’t take their eyes off the mint green hat. Since then, it reminds me of summer every day.

Bucket Hat from Plenty Sisters at 30 euros via Plenty Sisters.

2. Lip Balm from Laura Mercier

Especially in summer, my lips often dry out a lot. Therefore, a lip balm is irreplaceable for me. This summer I tried the hydrating balm from Laura Mercier and was positively surprised. Since then, it is every day in my handbag.

Hydrating Lip Balm by Laura Mercier at 27 euros via Douglas.

3. Instax mini 11

With the Instax, I also created a piece of detox for myself. Away from snapping thousands of smartphone pictures every day, towards consciously taken photos. Pictures that can’t be edited, that don’t have a filter applied, that are pure – natural.

Instax mini 11 sky blue from Fujifilm around 80 Euro via Fujifilm Instaxshop.

4. Sunscreen from Garnier Ambre Solaire

In fact, an essential not special for summer vacation, but still worth mentioning for me. Apart from the fact that we should always wear sunscreen to protect our skin, this cream is a recommendation. It absorbs quickly and leaves a light glow instead of oily skin.

Face sunscreen (anti-age super UV, SPF 50) by Garnier Ambre Solaire at 10 euros via Douglas.

5. Book Kim Jiyoung, born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo

I paid a visit to the bookstore before going on vacation. Very unusual for me. Normally, I have a list of books that I absolutely want to read and then order them online. But just before I left, I was unhappy with the unread books in my closet. Many had too many pages, so I would never get through them in a week. Thus, a new book would join my list of “books I’m reading at the same time.” I didn’t want that. Or the selection was simply too extreme for me. Topics that were too heavy for the vacations, that would leave me feeling too much like I couldn’t relax. Because there are too many biographies, science and work-related books on my bookshelf. I didn’t want to deal with that in Italy.

For these reasons, I spontaneously decided to go to the bookstore. There Kim Jiyoung, born in 1982 jumped into my face. A relatively short book with only 162 pages. Cho Nam-Joo’s book is about a Korean woman in her mid-thirties. After the birth of her daughter, during her parental leave, her behavior changes. It seems as if her personality splits. After her condition does not improve, but rather turns into the opposite, she goes to a psychiatrist thanks to her husband. From then on, the psychiatrist narrates Kim Jiyoung’s life from a neutral perspective. The book shows the problems of women in Korea.

I read the book super fast. Finally, another one that grabbed me. The feminist work shows so many grievances that are not only Korean in nature, but affect women* all over the world.

Kim Jiyoung, born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo at 9 Euro via thalia.German version at 18 Euro via thalia.

5 outfits I loved on vacation in Italy

On the one hand feel good and relax on vacation but on the other hand also throw yourself into beautiful outfits, belongs together for me. These 5 outfits, from casual to chic, are my favorite from my Italian vacation.

Outfit 1: Terry cloth set by the pool in Montegrotto Terme

5 Outfits, 5 Essentials: Vanessa steht am Pool in einem entspannten Frottee-Look von Zara.
5 Outfits, 5 Essentials: Vanessa steht am Pool in einem entspannten Frottee-Look von Zara.

Vanessa is wearing a terry set from Zara, a blue striped bikini from H&M and a bucket hat from Plenty Sisters.

Outfit 2: Green palm tree vibes

5 Outfits, 5 Essentials: Vanessa steht vor Palmen in einem grünen engen Bodycon-Kleid mit einem beigen Leinenblazer.
5 Outfits, 5 Essentials: Vanessa steht vor Palmen in einem grünen engen Bodycon-Kleid mit einem beigen Leinenblazer.

Vanessa wears a green fitted bodycon dress by Urban Outfitters, an oversize linen blazer by Zara and a necklace by Maje. She also wears black sandals by Next, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a bucket bag by Tommy Hilfiger.

Outfit 3: Terracotta on white in Bassano del Grappa

Vanessa is wearing terracotta colored wide leg pants and a white top with bow detail. Both from Zara. She combines them with black sandals by Next, a bucket bag by Tommy Hilfiger and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Outfit 4: Simple look for sightseeing in Vicenza

For a few hours of sightseeing in Vicenza, Vanessa wears a pair of denim shorts by Zara, a Vogue Collection sweater with rainbow print, a large LePilage bag by Longchamp. With it she wears white sneakers by Lacoste, sunglasses by Ray-Ban, jewelry by Maje and etsy.

Outfit 5: Business casual in Verona

Vanessa wears white sneakers by Lacoste, cotton pants by Stradivarius, a simple top by H&M, a blazer by Zara and the Joan Small bag by See by Chloé. Add to this a pair of black sunglasses from Quay, a necklace from Paulinå the Label.

(* We want to include everyone in this society, regardless of gender.)

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