weite Hosen trend 2019 wide leg trend 2019
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Wide Leg Pants Trend: How to style it right

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For years, skinny jeans dominated the wardrobes of this world. But in 2018 something changed on the legs of women. The fashion world is crazy about wide leg pants. Finally it gets more airy on the leg and you do not necessarily force yourself into extremely skinny jeans. So it gets comfortable with the wide leg pants trend.

How to style the wide leg pants 

Wide Leg Pants Trend: Culottes

As last years catwalks already advertised, also in 2019 culottes are indispensable. Whether the summerly airy version or the cord version for autumn and winter. The calf-length pant skirts come in a close-fitting form, which flatters the figure more, or they are very voluminous. The trend piece culotte can be combined for a cool office look but also styled for a date night. The former leg dress for men has become a real all-rounder in women’s wardrobe. At that time, one wore the leg dress in velvet, flossed silk or even leather. The common people, however, wore culottes  made out of linen.

How to style culottes

  • Put the focus on your waist
  • Choose feminine accessoires  and shoes
  • Wear the culottes undone and alle the french women will be jealous of your style


For spring and summer I have styled black cotton cullottes with white stitching on the side.

For fall and winter, I opted for a corduroy culottes in old rose.

weite Hosen trend 2019 wide leg trend 2019

Wide Leg Pants Trend 2020: Marlene Pants

The Marlene pants, named after the actress Marlene Dietrich, is still a classic among the recurring trends. Ever since Marlene Dietrich made the men’s pants suitable for everyday use for us women, she conjures up the most beautiful long legs that we would like to have in a pair of long trousers.


Wide Leg Pants Trend 2020: Paper Bag Pants

Not only does the paper bag pants make an incredibly beautiful figure by putting the focus on the waist, no, they are also extremely comfortable. Another pair of pants that gives us comfort this year and still looks stylish. The belt sets the pants in scene. But why paper bag? Well, the part of the waistband that points over the belt looks like a crumpled paper bag. Does it make sense?

Incidentally, the Paperbag trousers can be combined perfectly with one-shoulder blouses. By the way this outfit was my go to travel look while exploring Switzerland.

weite Hosen trend 2019 wide leg trend 2019
weite Hosen trend 2019 wide leg trend 2019

Wide Leg Pants Trend 2020: Palazzo Pants

She is wide, she is flowing and may be extra long. She is probably the most comfortable among the wide pants. As with all others, this also applies: focus on the waist. The Palazzo pants can look like sweatpants otherwise. We really do not want that in this case.

weite Hosen trend 2019 wide leg trend 2019
weite Hosen trend 2019 wide leg trend 2019

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