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Pinterest Trends 2019: The most popular fashion trends

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Pinterest serves as a daily source of inspiration for many. Of course, it is not surprising that trends can be filtered out based on the daily search queries. Search queries, which continue to rise for more than six months, are called a trend by the social network. Every year Pinterest publishes the 100 most popular trends for the coming year. On December 11, 2018, the “visual discovery app” presented the Pinterest Trends 2019. The trend forecast shows not only beauty trends but also developments in travel, health and wellness, hobbies and interest, nutrition and living. We show the most exciting fashion trends for the coming season.

Pinterest Trends 2019: Snakeskin Print

Animal print is omnipresent, but in 2019 snakeskin prints stand out. Leopards, zebra and co. stay in the closet. Snake, on the other hand, is allowed to be worn on blouses, coats, trousers and everything else we can think of. The search query increased by 642% compared to the previous year.


Pinterest Trends 2019: Ruffles

Ruffles give every garment that extra something. So it is not surprising that this trend will flourish in 2019. Especially on blouses, dresses and bags, ruffles stand out in 2019.


Pinterest Trends 2019: Oval sunglasses

Bye bye micro sunglasses. Hello oval sunglasses. Next summer we will again wear big sunglasses in a sportier form. The search for the sunglasses increased by 591%. That’s just screaming for trend.


Pinterest Trends 2019: Statement sneakers

After ugly sneakers, dad sneakers and cult sneakers 2019 statement sneakers come into fashion. With an increase of 2211% this is predictable. In addition to simpler outfits, the shoes play the lead role and move more into light. No matter if it happens with eye-catching colors, patterns or extravagant laces. Unobtrusive, our footwear will not be at all in 2019.


Pinterest Trends 2019: Sustainable fashion

Also in the Pinterest Trends 2019, the topic of the environment can be found again. Our generation is changing and wants to pay more attention to sustainability when it comes to clothing. Outfits that protect our earth and still look stylish, we find fancy!

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Pinterest Trends 2019: Bamboo bags

By 2018, bags of natural materials could already be seen everywhere. This will also stay in 2019 with an increase of 2215%. Especially bags made of bamboo are very popular. They just look nice in spring and summer to more relaxed outfits.


Pinterest Trends 2019: Wrap dresses

A dress for every type does not exist? Sure it does! A wrap dress flatters every figure and skillfully puts the emphasis on curves. Wrap dresses with a large belt or bow set accents. 689% more sought for the smartly wrapped classic.


Pinterest Trends 2019: Africa prints

The colorful and expressive Africa prints should decorate every wardrobe in the summer of 2019. African wax print and kitenges add an exotic touch to the look. We like!

Pinterest Trends 2019: Tortoiseshell earrings

Tortoiseshell earrings delight fashionistas. The most important accessory for 2019 is hereby so firmly. In the different color variants they fit every type. Especially with short hairstyles, they stand out well. So we’ll feel the boho vibes again in 2019.


Pinterest Trends 2019: Cycling trousers

Leggings are probably the most comfortable pair of pants on our legs, but in summer usually too warm. That is why the cycling trousers help us. Under long blouses or tunics she breaks a chic outfit and gives him the sporty spirit. That’s the statement look of the hour.

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