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Fair Fashion – How to build a sustainable wardrobe

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Fair Fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It stands for clothing that is produced under fair and ecological production conditions. The more complex production is often reflected in the price, but that does not mean that it is equally expensive. Are you wearing fair fashion? If not, you’ll find tips and tricks on how you, as a fashion lover, can find the healthy balance between fair and fast fashion and build a sustainable wardrobe.

Less is more, through the targeted acquisition of fair fashion the clothes mountain on the pole is reduced in the long run.

Five tips for building a sustainable wardrobe

  1. Buy vintage pieces or second-hand clothes
    Like a good wine, there is also fashion that gets better with age. Whether it’s a classic Chanel bag or a Levis jeans – the older the better. Look around in such shops, maybe you will find one or the other treasure.

  2. Do you really need this peace of clothing?
    Every year new trendy clothes are bought. The things are then hanging unworn in your closet. Think twice if you really need the article. If there is an event like a gala, ask friends and / or relatives if they can lend you something.

  3. Shop online or in stores at fair fashion labels
    Armed Angels or Fillippa K are two of many Fair Fashion labels and offer a great selection. They pay attention to a good wage, environmentally conscious production methods, long-lasting and high quality with appropriate processing. At dariadaria you can find a great list of fair fashion labels.

  4. Regular sorting out
    Are there clothes that you no longer wear, that are washed out or even broken? Then you can safely sort them out. Either you can sell good quality parts at the flea market or portals, like Mädchenflohmarkt market or you donate the clothes.

  5. Avoid spontaneous purchases
    Do you really need the piece or do you just like it now? Often we buy something without really thinking about it. At home you realize that the new piece of clothing does not go with your outfits as thought it would. Then there is the fact that one is too lazy to exchange it, and your wardrobe is just getting fuller and fuller.

You can find the most important fair trade and eco seals here. Every step towards sustainability counts. Also, if you decide only for one fair fashion piece and against a fast fashion piece, you have already helped the environment.

For more information, feel free to click through the Greenpeace study on disposable clothing. TO GREENPEACE

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