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The Most Beautiful Coat Trends 2020

Coats that keep us warm

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In autumn and winter, our jackets are not only about making us look good, but also keeping us warm. Coats are the perfect combination of these two wishes. They are also timeless and never go out of fashion. So it’s worth investing in the classics of coat trends 2020.

A beautiful coat complements every outfit. Despite the timeless elegance that this winter classic gives us, the coat reinvents itself every season and can be worn from season to season.

The 5 coat trends 2020

1. Down Coats

Don’t we all want to look like little Michelin men in winter, wrapped up tightly, cuddly and warm? Then down jackets are just the right 2020 coat trend for you. With knee-length down jackets, freezing is not an option. The down jackets in black, blue or olive always look very casual and never forced. You just throw the jacket over when you walk to the supermarket. Hooray for the casual look in winter.

2. Blazer Coat

The typical trench coat has taken over the classics in autumn, but the wool blazer coat is just as good in winter. The classic coat can also be worn in other colours and patterns than the plain black and cream, although we love the clean version. This season, the coats are available in every check pattern, whether dog-tooth, vichy or tartan. The patterns on the coats appear calm and dignified in muted colours such as beige, grey, brown or black. If you choose stronger colours like red, pink, yellow or green, the look will be coarser. In combination with boots you get a cool 90’s grunge look. Tip: Choose a clean colour so that nothing distracts from the cut of the blazer coat.

3. Fake Fur and Plush Coat

Fake fur is the best alternative to real fur. So there’s no reason to go for real fur in 2020 if there is fake fur that looks much better. The transition jackets made of synthetic fibres are available this season in all patterns and colours. That screams coolness when worn. Hand in hand with fake fur goes the trend of plush coats and jackets this year. At the top of the list is cosiness and the right cuddle factor. The teddy fur in classic brown, cream or white is particularly popular.

4. Animal Print

To apply it to the autumn/winter and animal print the quote from “The devil wears Prada”: “Flower print? For spring? Groundbreaking!” And it’s the same with Animal-Print in autumn and winter. Every year this trend sneaks up on us. There are no limits to the patterns. From snakes to leopards to zebras – everything is represented. With this trend, go for simple colours, otherwise it quickly becomes too much and can look cheap. High-quality materials definitely make a difference to the look. Tip: Single or double-row coats give the animal print the classic look.

5. Leather coat

(Fake) leather coats or even vinyl coats have arrived in reality this winter and are no longer only seen in science fiction movies. The classic black leather coat is also a great basic for every wardrobe. But coloured leather is also very much in trend in 2020. Plainer on the other hand is the coat in suede look.

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