homemade body scrub körper peeling selber machen
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Homemade body scrub: Goodbye dry skin

Giving care to your skin with natural ingredients that you have at home is easy. We show you how you can easily make a body scrub yourself.

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The skin is our largest organ. However, it suffers from many harmful influences such as stress, sun, scratches and cuts. Good care can protect and strengthen the skin from these influences. Besides internal strengthening of the skin through a balanced, healthy diet and by drinking enough water, external applications can also support the skin. Besides moisturizing creams, a body scrub also has many advantages. A peeling promotes the blood circulation and removes dead skin flakes. The regeneration of the skin is supported by the removal of the upper callus. A homemade body scrub can be a quick helper with simple ingredients.

After our skin has withstood the dry and cold air in winter, it must protect itself from the sun’s radiation in spring and summer. The sun can also dry out our skin and deprive it of the important moisture.

homemade body scrub körper peeling selber machen
© Vanessa Schwenk

Which homemade body scrub moisturizes dry skin?

Various oils such as olive oil and coconut oil moisturize the skin and are particularly suitable for exfoliating dry skin. The coconut and olive oil sugar scrub is easy to make at home.

How to make your homemade body scrub:

homemade body scrub körper peeling selber machen
© Vanessa Schwenk


  • cold-pressed coconut oil
  • virgin olive oil
  • raw sugar

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and apply the body peeling.

Shelf life:

The peeling has a shelf life as long as the respective ingredients. An orientation towards the shortest shelf life is recommended. If the peeling has an unpleasant smell or changes colour, it should not be used.

How to apply coconut and olive oil sugar peeling:

For an ideal application, apply the coconut and olive oil sugar peeling during showering after soaping and washing off. The skin is already cleansed and the dead skin flakes can now be removed. The body peeling can be applied to the skin by hand. When applying directly, you should not stand directly under running water, so that the peeling can have an ideal effect. The peeling should be applied with light pressure, which causes a slight tingling sensation on the skin. Excessive pressure and rubbing can damage the skin. After a short application time of two to four minutes, the excess peeling can be briefly rinsed off with lukewarm water, leaving a light oil film on the skin and not washed off. This should be subsequently absorbed into the skin and thus provide long-term moisture.

A body scrub should preferably be applied in the evening so that the skin has enough time to absorb the important oils overnight and is not exposed to intense heat, sunlight or cold during the day.

How often can the homemade body scrub be used?

Depending on the skin type, a peeling should be applied with different frequency. Our skin renews itself every four weeks. The peeling can also be applied once a month for dry and sensitive skin. For combination and normal skin, the peeling can also be applied once a week.

Which oil should one use for a body peeling?

Different oils are useful for different applications.

  • Oils that care for dry skin are olive, linseed, avocado and almond oil.
  • For sensitive and irritated skin, coconut, walnut, calendula and almond oils are suitable.
  • Sunflower, jojoba, black cumin or safflower oil is suitable for oily skin.

Which sugar is suitable for which body scrub?

When choosing the right sugar for the peeling, the strength should be considered. Raw sugar is coarser and ideal for a strong body peeling. Brown sugar is finer – but contains moisture and is more beneficial for a face scrub. Similar to brown sugar, white sugar acts on the skin. White sugar is less nourishing on the skin.

Such a body scrub is also ideal as a present in a glass or tin.

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