dunkle Lippen richtig schminken how to apply dark lipstick

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For some time, a make up with dark lips is the cool and grungy makeup trend. Whether plum violet, intense bordeaux red or even strong brown, everything is allowed on the lips, as long as it is dark. Especially in the cooler months you can see dark lips, even at the Fashion Weeks this is always noticeable for autumn and winter. But even in summer, you can reach for a dark lip, if you want to keep the rest of your face clean with maybe even a nude look preferred. But properly applying make-up to dark lips can be tricky. But here you will learn how to apply dark lipstick easily.

dunkle Lippen richtig schminken how to apply dark lipstick
© Vanessa Schwenk

How to apply dark lipstick easily

Five steps to the perfect dark lip:

  1. Delicate lips. Before choosing a dark lip, make sure that your lips are tender. Dark lips look much nicer if not applied to a crumbly, dry lip.
  2. Lip liner. He is definitely the deciding factor here. First, surround the mouth precisely with a contour pencil. This should definitely be in the same color as the lipstick itself. If you do not have the same color at hand, choose a lighter color instead.
  3. Color. Again, the right color makes the difference. Every lipstick works differently with every skin type and every hair color. Either get advice from your cosmetics brand of trust or try out different tones in front of the mirror. And see what you like the most.
  4. Finish. Whether you choose matte or shiny, it is up to you, both look amazing. If you have super-soft, well-groomed lips, a matte lip can be more dramatic. However, it is also more difficult to apply and can not be touched up as easily as a dark lip with a glossy finish.
  5. Dab. When you’re done applying the lip, dab it off again with a piece of toilet paper. Then you take your index finger between your lips and pull it out of the mouth. This will prevent lipstick on your teeth.

Here you can buy my favorite dark lipsticks

dunkle Lippen richtig schminken how to apply dark lipstick
© Vanessa Schwenk

As described above, make-up with a dark lip goes perfectly with an simple eye make-up. You could choose a nude look or a touch of bold brow and some mascara to finish the look. To prepare your skin for the nude look, a moisturizing mask often helps.

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