besten beauty masken für jede haut best beauty masks for every skintype
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The best beauty masks for every skin type

Give your skin a break

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No matter if spring, summer, autumn or winter, every skin needs more, sometimes less care. Each skin type is different and reacts differently to temperature changes or other influences. To prevent it from suffering or to fight the war against pimples, dryness or something else, a weekly mask ritual is key. This will help combat dryness, tension, redness and, of course, pimples. From classic cream masks to sheet masks to the last beauty cry of Dr. Jart+ rubber mask. Each of the best beauty masks for every skin type works for itself and achieves the salvation for our skin that we need.

besten beauty masked für jede haut best beauty masks for every skintype
© Vanessa Schwenk

The best beauty masks for every skin type

Creme Masks:

These masks usually donate mostly moisture. Cream masks are particularly suitable for dry to combination skin, as it groans especially in the T-Zone in every season for moisture. The good thing about cream masks is that you often do not have to wash them off, but let them sink into the skin and then distribute the excess cream with a cotton pad on the skin.

My personal favorite is the Bioderma Hydrobia Masque. The moisturizing cream mask ensures a radiant and fresh complexion. This one expressly shouldn’t be washed off. That’s why I often use them before going to sleep instead of my night cream.

Sheet Masks and / or Fleece Masks:

These masks are made of a wafer-thin cotton fleece, which is soaked with the activating ingredients. The sheet masks are super easy to use. They leave no crusty remains on hair and no muddy hands are the case after use. The fleece masks are pleasantly cool. After about 10-15 minutes, the fleece is removed and the remaining secretions on the skin should be gently tapped in with your fingers. This is the mask we always wanted, especially when traveling or in between your daily routine.

Origins Masken Maske 1.0 st

My personal favorite is the Flower Fusion Soothing Sheet Mask by Origins. The Lavender exudes a pleasant scent that provides relaxation. The sheet mask is made of 100% bamboo and moisturizes. The beauty mask is also available in the aromatic directions Rose, Jasmine, Violet and Raspberry.

besten beauty masked für jede haut best beauty masks for every skintype
© Vanessa Schwenk 1. Skin Foods New Zealand Masque 2. Bioderma Hydrabio Masque 3. L’Oreal Detox Mask

Detox Masks and / or Mud Masks:

What is good for the body is also good for the skin. With these face masks we treat our skin with a detoxification cure. The skin is exposed daily to so many harmful substances, such as exhaust fumes, bacteria from the subway or particulate matter. Sometimes we have to take care of our skin very well. Detox masks are very suitable for this. They detoxify the skin, tighten the fine lines and give them an extra boost of stress relief. The masks are also perfect to disconnect from everyday stress.

My personal favorite besides the L’Oreal Detox mask is the Skin Foods New Zealand Mud Masque. Unfortunately, this is not available in Germany, but for anyone who comes to New Zealand, I recommend this mask very much.

Peel-off masks

These beauty masks are certainly the ones that satisfy the most. After 10-15 minutes of application, the dried mask is removed from the skin. That is a very pleasant feeling. The initially creamy substance dries slowly to a rubber-like layer. Sometimes you look like plastered with it. Certainly amusing for the people around us.

My personal favorites are currently the Rubber Masks of Dr. Jart+. Anyone who has always wanted to feel like a rubber doll will love this mask. As these masks are impermeable to air, they provide an extra charge of power that goes straight into our skin.

Even if all the best beauty masks for every skin do not make you feel any more relaxed, check out on how you can treat yourself on a relaxing weekend.

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