Langweile vertreiben Tipps / Overcoming Boredom Tips
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How to overcome boredom: These 84 tips will help you escape monotony

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Boredom can foster imagination and creativity. But doing nothing can also be agony – especially if it is not a deliberate state. To quickly overcome boredom and know what we can do about it, it’s important to understand what boredom is in the first place.

Langweile vertreiben Tipps / Overcoming Boredom Tips
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What is boredom?

The definition currently dominating science is that of Dr. John Eastwood, associate professor in the psychology department at York University Toronto. According to the expert on boredom, this is “the aversive experience of wanting, but being unable, to engage in satisfying activity.”

To overcome boredom, we need an activity that satisfies us. We have compiled 84 tips that are fun and offer an escape from the monotony of everyday life.

How to overcome boredom: 51 activities for at home

  1. Call friend
  2. Read a book
  3. Taking a relaxing bath
  4. Drying flowers
  5. Cleaning out the closet
  6. Pedicure
  7. Rearranging furniture
  8. Watching favorite series
  9. Let your mind wander
  10. Sorting documents and filing
  11. Watering flowers and plants
  12. Baking banana bread
  13. Painting nails
  14. Playing Sims4 for hours
  15. Daydreaming
  16. Decorate your home
  17. Doing puzzles
  18. Listen to podcast
  19. Vacuuming
  20. Back up your laptop/computer
  21. Turn up music loud and dance
  22. Repot plants
  23. Xbox / Playstation gambling
  24. Practice yoga
  25. Put on face mask
  26. Invite friends over for movie night
  27. Create vision board
  28. Cook favorite dish
  29. Redecorate the apartment
  30. Embroider
  31. Answer all unread Whatsapp messages
  32. Face-timing with loved ones
  33. Sorting cupboards
  34. Finally sticking all photos in an album
  35. Put in a work-out
  36. Start DIY project
  37. Clean make-up brushes
  38. Meditate
  39. Take an online course
  40. Hang pictures
  41. Learn handstand
  42. Store online
  43. Listen to audio book
  44. Write down all to-dos
  45. Paint or draw
  46. Sorting photos on your smartphone
  47. Plan the next vacation
  48. Create a bucket list
  49. Write down life goals
  50. Create menu plan for the next days

and if all tips do not eliminate the boredom, the only thing that helps is to

  1. endure boredom

Escape the monotony with these 33 outdoor activities

  1. Going for a walk
  2. Buy groceries for someone
  3. Going out with your dog
  4. Hiking in the mountains
  5. Lying in the grass and sorting out your thoughts
  6. Riding a bike
  7. Taking pictures
  8. Go to the museum
  9. Taking a sauna
  10. Strolling
  11. Going for coffee
  12. Meeting friends
  13. Ice skating
  14. Forest bathing
  15. Mountain biking
  16. Going on a boat trip
  17. Going to the swimming pool
  18. Spending time with family
  19. Picnicking
  20. Stand-up paddling
  21. Go to the flea market
  22. Sightseeing
  23. Bar hopping
  24. Skiing
  25. Go jogging
  26. Ice swimming
  27. Learn a new sport
  28. Going to a restaurant
  29. Let the sun shine on your skin
  30. Go to a lake
  31. Explore other parts of the city
  32. Play badminton
  33. Doing community service

If all this does not dispel the monotony, this is the ideal opportunity to use boredom to relax.

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