Ingwer Shot zum Selbermachen Ginger Shot Recipes
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Immune Booster: Ginger Shot Recipes

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What is this trendy drink about that everybody is talking about? Many are currently swearing by the spicy vitamin bomb. No matter the season it is important to strengthen our immune system. The immune booster is mainly known for its abundant vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium as a true panacea for colds and flu. That’s why you’ll find simple ginger shot recipes here.

Immune Booster: 2 simple ginger shot recipes with only 6 ingredients

Ingwer Shot zum Selbermachen Ingwer Shot Recipe
© Vanessa Schwenk

The ginger shots from the supermarkets are often a bit more concentrated than homemade ginger shots. The gentler variants can be easily prepared at home. My personal favorite shot from the supermarket is that of the brand Bangs. For traveling, these are perfect. For daily use, however, they are a bit expensive. With a ginger shot from the supermarket you can easily pay up to 5 euros.

Simple ginger shot recipe

Ingredients for your ginger shot

  • 1 ginger roll
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper
  • a pinch of cinnamon
  • some water

Peel the ginger very thin, because the vitamins are under the shell similar as with the apple. Press the ginger into a small mass, it works best with a garlic press. Squeeze out the orange and lemon. Then mix everything and the remaining ingredients together. Finally, pour the drink into a shot glass and drink a shot. If you already have signs of a cold, you can take a ginger shot every day. But be careful, because not everyone can handle the spicy tuber so well. In case of questions or complaints, in any case speak with your doctor.

Where exactly the ginger root comes from is uncertain. The pungent in the ginger cause more stomach acid is formed. This increases the appetite and digestion is stimulated.

Ingwer Shot zum Selbermachen Ingwer Shot Recipe
© Vanessa Schwenk

Ginger also helps to detoxify

Similar to the homemade ginger shot, this recipe is more than easy. I drink a glass of still water at most once a week, mixed with a teaspoon of ground ginger. Stir well and then enjoy the ginger water.

If you have already caught a cold, you can also use ginger tea. The very simple recipe of my grandma is really something for everyone.

Ginger tea recipe:

Ingredients for your ginger tea

  • water
  • 1 ginger roll
  • a tablespoon of honey

Boil the water while peeling a few pieces of ginger. Put the roughly cut pieces of ginger into your teacup. Pour it now with the hot tea water. After about a minute you can stir in the honey. When you have finished the tea, eat the ginger pieces. Good chewing helps, so that the pungent can be released already in the palate.

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