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VIRAGO SPRING by Vanessa Schwenk is a modern blogazine with an honest approach to fashion, self-care, books and all other beauties of life. Providing you with tips, inspiration and motivation.
Virago stands for strong, brave or warlike women*(men), who are bold enough to be themselves and take of themselves. And for this the best time is spring, when change is appreciated. It is for all the flower girls and boys* who are about to bloom.

Virago Spring stands for quality content and authentic, cross-media journalism in fashion, beauty, lifestyle & more. Good stories are always combined with Vanessa’s personal writing style, creativity and values. The blogazine stands for fashion looks, news, inspiration and everyday things that make life beautiful, that interest and appeal to all people equally.
The blogazine was published on June 20, 2018. This is the day before the start of summer to show the depth connection to the name and what it stands for.

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*we want to include everyone in this society, regardless of gender, etc. If you don’t feel included, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

© Vanessa Schwenk


I’m Vanessa Schwenk, the founder of Virago Spring, a digital magazine. Previously a journalist now turned to working full time as a Senior SEO Manager, leading the search strategy team in the German market at a large media publisher. Next to my daily work hustle I love style, dogs and all things interior. I like to share tips and tricks for living a beautiful life—both at home and in your career. No matter if we are talking all things organization or self-care.

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