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Virago Spring is a modern blogazine


Virago Spring by Vanessa Schwenk is a modern blogazine for tough, young heroines and the secret heroes of everyday life about fashion, lifestyle, events and much more. Virago stands for strong, brave or warlike women, who are about to rule the world. And for this the best time is spring, when change is appreciated. It is for all the flower girls who are about to bloom.

Virago Spring stands for high quality content and authentic and cross media journalism in the high fashion and lifestyle sector. We are always trying to match good stories with Vanessa’s personal style of writing, creativity and values. The blogazine stands for fashion looks, news, inspiration around the daily life of women and men equally interested in all things that make life beautiful.

It was first launched on the 20th of June 2018. This is the day before the start of summer to show the deep connection to the name and what it stands for.

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As a journalist-to-be and content creator Vanessa Schwenk escapes with you in the wide world of fashion, its trends, lifestyle, interior and all things #girlboss .

Currently she studies specialist journalism and is majoring in cultural journalism. Before that she spent over a year in the USA where she found the love to this countries diversity. Especially fashion wise. However she fell in love with the one and only fashion capitol – Paris. But as a globetrotter she still feels best when at home in Munich. So you can find her insider tips here.

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Virago Spring a modern blogazine
© Vanessa Schwenk