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VIRAGO SPRING by Vanessa Schwenk is a modern blogazine for tough, young heroines and the secret heroes of everyday life about fashion, lifestyle, events and much more.

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best sights and art spots in Munich besten Sehenswürdigkeiten und Kunstlocations in München
Munich Guide

Sights and Art

The Munich Guide wouldn’t be complete without an sights and art guide. Every city has amazing sights to look at and get the feel of…

best coffee spots in Munich bester Kaffee in München
Munich Guide


No matter if you need a coffee to go, an excellent out of this world coffee or a very special coffee maker. In…

best restaurants in Munich beste restaurants in München
Munich Guide


Who doesn’t love to go outside and have lovely food? Right no one. Food brings people together. You can sit in the loveliest…

best breakfast spots in Munich Guide besten Frühstückslokale in München
Munich Guide


Did you ever wonder where to have the most delicious food to start your day right? Because everyday gets better when you start…